Saturday, December 12, 2009




Okay, so I am really not good at updating this blog... well, Morgan is getting so big! We have had some wonderful moments between months 7-9. Morgan is very confident in herself, making new noises and saying Dada in respose to Adam. Also, Anne had a suprise party for her Birthday and anniversery (40th). Morgan finally cut her two top teeth. GOOD, But some really restless nights! We have had a few tough moments with another ear infection, several trips to the doctor and no 2nd flu shot or the swine flu one, colds and other minor issues.

Thanksgiving was wonderful and low key... Adam, Morgan, and I went to the Slaters house lunch and took the really large family picture! AnnaBeth kissed Morgan very hard, and she began to cry. I forgot my camera so sorry no pictures... well, the whole crew was there! Julie, Travis, Madeline, Tim, Rachel, and Annabeth and Ruth. Aaron, Becca, Kayla, Caroline. Ninaw, Jannet, Mike, and Johnathon. Of course, Mike and Anne!!!!

Thanksgiving at the Harris'! We traveled after lunch to my family's house for an early dinner! My mom's brother, Murrary, and his wife, Lynn, and their kids Sarah and Innes traveled in from Atlanta. Also, my Dad's sister and her sons came, Frances, Sean and Alex. My Grandmother Lu... Lu, Lu Lu, so sweet. She breaks my heart. send a prayer up for her. I pray that Morgan will get to know her!!!
The Day after Thanksgiving we went out to the property and had a blast. Hayrides, bonfires, marshmellows, family and friends. Check out some pictures!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Morgan in Month SEVEN!!!

Morgan is pulling up on everything... here she is in the crib!

One day on Fall Break, the dogs got out and Morgan and I had to chase them down. However, at the time Morgan had on a diaper and it was cold, so i just put something on her. She looked just precious. THis is bath time one night!
Morgan is a fire ball! She is in constant motion and full of personality! I have had the opportunity to spend a week at home due to fall break, and I did not want to go back to school. I had so much fun! we have been to the doctor for another ear infection and got her flu shot. Adam and I got one too.
SHe has learned to wave BYE_BYE. It is the cutiest thing ever. She also says Dadadada, but she still does not who it is. She is also pulling up on everything in sight... She is unable to be in her crib, until I lower it. She loves to talk.
We have also started Morgan on people food (very little). She has eaten mashed (more like whipped) potatoes, noodles, appple chunks, a little bit of turkey and a little bit of chicken. Noodles are her favorite! I think she got that from me. ALso, Gerber puffs are the best invention ever. They make so happy. When we first started giving them to her she could not ge them off her hand, but now. She uses her bottom teeth to scrap them off her and then she chews with those teeth. It looks a little funny.
I also got her a Halloween costume. Another first holiday: Mothers day and Fathers day and Fourth of July. I can not believe she is this old! She really has two costumes. She is going to be a flower and butterfly/ caterpiller (if she will not wear the wings).
We also had family pictures done and Morgan went ahead and got 9 month pictures made.

Cooper was born.. He is so tiny compared to Morgan. He is healthy and happy to be in the world. Morgan will have a great buddy to play with a little later.
Adam and I left Morgan overnight for the first time and went to Nashville to see the Rebels play.
that is about it for month 7.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Morgan's 6th Month Home Photo shoot!

SEE The Slater Tounge! way too cute!


Aunt Becca and Cousin Kayla

Taking our walk and show UT who is Boss!

Adam's homegrown stuffed peppers!

We went to the park alot this month. check out some picts.

Morgan almost 7months

Morgan is growing so quick! she is 16 lbs and amost 28 inches long! she is talking alot. She says Dadadada and uuuummmm and aaaahhhh llllaaaa ... etc. all that fun baby talk. Also, if i yell she will yell back. She loves still to be flipped upside down and put on your sholders and have her tummy on her your head. she has almost outgrown her first pair of shoes (size 2). She also had her first set of ear infections, cold, rash and cough.

One Scary Day.... the school called me and i did not hear the phone. They called Adam, and said she had a rash from her head to her toes. Adam finally got me on the phone. I started calling the docto. Finally, I got an appointment for late in the afternoon. When i arrived at the school morgan was happy and in her dayy's arms. i did not care, we were going to the doctor. We waited for at least an hour. We got back in the room and she was so fussy. The doctor asked how she was sleeping, i said "not well". He checked her ears and said "yep and yep ear infections in both ears" Here is your prescription. Amoxicillin. I was worried about her taking it, but she loves medication or the appliction of it. Funny girl.

Morgan is pulling on everything in the tub, on her play-pin, and on us. She can crawl but it looks more like the worm or a army crawl, but she is very quick especially when she sees something she wants. She is also loving her new schedule. She really likes her gerber puffs.


I was on the news for a brief moment. THe clip is really about one of my studnets and his reporting skills. well here is the link:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Morgan turing Six Months Old!

I can not believe she is six months old, and then again i can.. It is amazing how she seems to have been apart of our family forever, and it has only been six months. Then I see how big she is and want to cry already... she is growing way to fast...
I was depressed the other day because i had to buy size three diapers for her to sleep in. I also was sad becuase they do not make swaddlers in size three... I am complaining but I really know i am soooosooo blessed!
morgan loves loves to jump it is so funny! we are still almost crawling. She got the legs and thier motion, but does not know how to put it all together. She loves to stand on her toes and do and upside down back bend.... it makes us laugh. she also loves to stand and hangupside down (only Daddy will do this with her).. she is also sitting up but she is not very confident so she props herself up... she can sit great when she has a toy!
Also, she has been blessed with the Slater tounge when she is really focused... it is really funny. I got it in one of these photos!
we have started more baby foods... she loves sweet potatoes and mixed grains with veggies.. she hates green beans and apple sause... it is the funniest face you have ever seen. she thinks that peas are okay... I believe she does not like green beans becuase i ate them at least two - three times a week when i was pregnant. any way... check out some of the photos

Tippy Toes!

Not so sure!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

morgan starts school! month five

Morgan started school on the 10th of August. This was the same day i started! It was crazy. Adam went with me to drop her off. I walked in to get her around 1pm and i could hear her crying,tear my heart out! as soon as i walked in she stopped! they said she had just started... i do not believe that!

The next day, thet said she was a happy baby! they have only said that she is the happiest baby they have seen! Crazy!

My class is wonderful this year.. i expect a few speed bumps in figuring out how to be the wife, the mom and the teacher.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Morgan in Month Five!

Aug. 3-6 Morgan styed with gradma no name while i was at inservice for school... cannot believe it is her already! Thanks mom

I was busy the whole week getting ready for rachel's baby shower for Cooper. i made my first diaper cake! check it out! The themewas baby blue and brown and trucks! Every thing turned out wonderful! Aug. 1, 2009
Morgan cut her first tooth today! July 31, 2009 on Forbes' birthday

Morgan turned five months on the way home from the beach!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Morgan in Month Four!

This was the view from the condo! Fun at the pool!

First time in the sand and the ocean... She loved it. The water put her to sleep in no time...well it could have been the heat!

We went to the beach!! July 18-25, 2009.. Morgan was great in the car going to and comming home. We did leave at four in the morning both times! We arrived in Sanestin in about 7 hours, adam kept us on the agenda. We stayed at the Lual hotel. it has a great pool. the beach was very crowded, but not until 11 am when we were leaving for bottle time and lunch. Then we either went shopping or to the village ar the pool. check out some picts. we did not get too many bc the camera broke!

Granna and annabeth

I got to meet some of my other family from west virgina, for the first time too, like my great grand mother KIKI. i also meet my aunt kit and aunt anna and uncle peyton!

At the lakewith my family! Morgan got to meet her cousins and aunt and uncle from Atlanta!

long day!

JUly 4, 2009

The family went to the Slater's pool for the fourth. We went swimming and cooked out! we had a blast. Morgan's outfit was so cute. I called her Betsy Ross..

Pickles got shaved, summer time is too hot and pickles feels so much better!

July 1, 2009 Mommy put me in the Exersaucer today! I love it!

Look how messy this is!

Morgan began with rice ceral today... June 27th.

My teeth hurt, Mom... Morgan is drooling all the time and her teeth seem to be bothering her so we have been chilling the teethers and she loves them. June 26th