Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Morgan's 6th Month Home Photo shoot!

SEE The Slater Tounge! way too cute!


Aunt Becca and Cousin Kayla

Taking our walk and show UT who is Boss!

Adam's homegrown stuffed peppers!

We went to the park alot this month. check out some picts.

Morgan almost 7months

Morgan is growing so quick! she is 16 lbs and amost 28 inches long! she is talking alot. She says Dadadada and uuuummmm and aaaahhhh llllaaaa ... etc. all that fun baby talk. Also, if i yell she will yell back. She loves still to be flipped upside down and put on your sholders and have her tummy on her your head. she has almost outgrown her first pair of shoes (size 2). She also had her first set of ear infections, cold, rash and cough.

One Scary Day.... the school called me and i did not hear the phone. They called Adam, and said she had a rash from her head to her toes. Adam finally got me on the phone. I started calling the docto. Finally, I got an appointment for late in the afternoon. When i arrived at the school morgan was happy and in her dayy's arms. i did not care, we were going to the doctor. We waited for at least an hour. We got back in the room and she was so fussy. The doctor asked how she was sleeping, i said "not well". He checked her ears and said "yep and yep ear infections in both ears" Here is your prescription. Amoxicillin. I was worried about her taking it, but she loves medication or the appliction of it. Funny girl.

Morgan is pulling on everything in the tub, on her play-pin, and on us. She can crawl but it looks more like the worm or a army crawl, but she is very quick especially when she sees something she wants. She is also loving her new schedule. She really likes her gerber puffs.


I was on the news for a brief moment. THe clip is really about one of my studnets and his reporting skills. well here is the link:http://www.myfoxmemphis.com/dpp/news/tennessee/082609_Young_Journalist_Already_a_Standout