Saturday, December 12, 2009




Okay, so I am really not good at updating this blog... well, Morgan is getting so big! We have had some wonderful moments between months 7-9. Morgan is very confident in herself, making new noises and saying Dada in respose to Adam. Also, Anne had a suprise party for her Birthday and anniversery (40th). Morgan finally cut her two top teeth. GOOD, But some really restless nights! We have had a few tough moments with another ear infection, several trips to the doctor and no 2nd flu shot or the swine flu one, colds and other minor issues.

Thanksgiving was wonderful and low key... Adam, Morgan, and I went to the Slaters house lunch and took the really large family picture! AnnaBeth kissed Morgan very hard, and she began to cry. I forgot my camera so sorry no pictures... well, the whole crew was there! Julie, Travis, Madeline, Tim, Rachel, and Annabeth and Ruth. Aaron, Becca, Kayla, Caroline. Ninaw, Jannet, Mike, and Johnathon. Of course, Mike and Anne!!!!

Thanksgiving at the Harris'! We traveled after lunch to my family's house for an early dinner! My mom's brother, Murrary, and his wife, Lynn, and their kids Sarah and Innes traveled in from Atlanta. Also, my Dad's sister and her sons came, Frances, Sean and Alex. My Grandmother Lu... Lu, Lu Lu, so sweet. She breaks my heart. send a prayer up for her. I pray that Morgan will get to know her!!!
The Day after Thanksgiving we went out to the property and had a blast. Hayrides, bonfires, marshmellows, family and friends. Check out some pictures!