Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan. 10

Morgan has been crawling up the stairs for about 2months now. She is monkey arming everything this month. She is getting so brave and has taken a few steps by herself, but i do not think she knows what she did. Her front two teeth are in and growing. Her canine teeth are comming in. She is eating real food. Her favorites are cheese, green beans, peas, noodles, cuscus, chicken and turkey.

When it snowed or iced, I tried to take her out to get a few pictures. SHe was having a blast watching the dogs, but then she decided to try and chase them and got her hands on the ice. She freaked out, I could not get her to stop screaming.. I think i have a drama queen.


Our Christmas PHOTOS! Check out the stories below! She is getting way to big!

Morgan's Stocking!

We took Morgan to see Santa at the Collierville mall. Their Santa was great by the way. He had a real beard and glasses. Anyway, Morgan was the happiest baby in line (35 min) and the the worst when she sat in his lap, must have scared her to death. check out her photo! Cooper was great!

We spent our first Christmas morning at home with Morgan then we headed to the Slater's house and then to the Harris' house. We loved watching Morgan watch us open her Santa stocking and then she watched us open the rest of our gifts. The dogs got to their stocking before we could see them find thier treats.

At the Slater's house, we listened to the Christmas Story, and opened the Christmas Boxes (Slater tradition). We had a wonderful breakfast: sausage, eggs, hashbrown caserole, biscuit and gravy. MOrgan loved the biscuits. Then we handed out our gifts to those who we had drawn, and started tearing open. THere is always tissue paper being thrown by the Slater men, great examples for the kids. We all end up doing it atleast once though..We were sticking bows to Morgan's head, since she still has no hair. The bows looked cute, becuase they all matched her christmas play outfit.

At the Harris's house, we opened our stockings. Then we headed to living room for presents. We had a wonderful early dinner. Morgan ate so much turkey, she passed out early too for the night. IT was great to see cousins in from college and Lu.

We are so blessed to have all of our families in town.