Monday, April 19, 2010

April Days


Well, we tried to get a picture with the Easter bunny. Sad to say it turned out the same way that our Santa picture did, screaming! This time we tried everything to get Morgan comfortable with Mr. Bunny. Luckly, there was nobody in line, so the workers allowed us to play and hang out in the room with the bunny. Well, 45 minutes later, and three sets of photos, still not one was of her not screaming... well we tried!

Easter: Sunday.....
We woke up got dressed and ready for church. We were on our way, thinking we were only a little late, turns out we missed half the service (due to the changing of times for Easter). Then we went home and opened our baskets.... Then joined the Harris family at the property. IT was such a preety day... perfect weather... we had a great lunch and great afternoon with family. Adam got to go fishing and caught 2 fish. He was so proud! Morgan rode in the Mule and did a little hiking.... Morgan hates the grass. She likes to walk about three steps in it and then stops! Then she squats and then works up the nerve to touch it. Then the scream! Once that has begun, she will not move! it is funny... She will walk all day if you hold her hand. We also took some family pictures and opened more baskets... Forbes had has his wisdom teeth out so we teased him about the funny things that he said after his operation... " was Bob Marley playing?" or "Did i have my surgery?" poor guy! We got to see Lu, she looks good, but did not talk. She seemed to enjoy being outside! Alex rode a horse! Morgan did too! FIrst time with no lead>>>> VERY SCARED MOMMY!

Well that was our Easter!

We our so BLESSED to have a savior that would die for us!