Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September has come and Gone!

Well, It is almost fall, and it has taken me over a month to get back on and update the blog. However, a ton has happened. We have started going to the Ole Miss football games, Morgan has not come this year, yet. Ole Miss started off with several losses at home. So, we are still fans, just not as outspoken this year. We still have faith that the season might turn around. Morgan has gone back to school and still believes that she is the superstar of the place. She only has two other children in her class. Morgan no longer has a passy durning the day, only at night. She is running full speed and not stopping until it is bed time. Morgan will talk to you and over you if you try to have a conversation with her. Morgan has gone to the big girl potty 4 times at home (tete) and 1 (other), and she has gone at school 2 times. Yeah! we are so proud of her! Morgan is saying the dreaded "NO" to everything. However, it is really cute how she says it. She still says "all gone" when she is finished her food. She says "MaMa" and "DaDa," "Grana," "cheese,""Jesus," "dog,""duck,""Nana(passy),""key,(monkey),"car,""more,""thankyou,""bow,""eyes""up,"and "GO". Morgan knows all the sounds of a dog, monkey, duck, and a horse. Morgan loves spegetti, mac-n-cheese, turkey (from the deli), fruit, fruit snacks, granola bars, fruitloops, cherios, popsicks, ice cream, chicken nuggets (sometimes), and french-fries. French Fries are new for her this month, she has just decided they are wonderful, with lots of ketchup. Morgan loves to dip her food in anything and only eat the sauce. We took a family trip to the Germantown Festival and ate some of the fair favorites, Morgan got to try some too. Morgan ate all of Moomy's funnel cake that she had wanted all day. However, she was enjoying it so much, I really did not mind. Morgan knows most of her bdy parts. Eyes are still her favorite. However, sticking out her tounge is alot of fun for her. Morgan has also started to fold her hands at night when I pray. She also answers that "jesus" will protect her. One time she did say "DaDa"and then "Jesus" and giggled when I asked her. It was so precious! She also will point to her heart when I ask her "where is Jesus?". Then we will tell Jesus thankyou after our prayers. She also tries to say loveyou, but it comes out different everytime. Aunt Lizzy took a job this month and will be moving TEXAS.... I am going to miss my babysitter, and Morgan is going to dearly miss her aunt. Forbes is in Arkansas, playing football with the big boys. He has not played in a game, yet; however, we know he will be soon. He joined a Frat, but I do not know which one. Aunt Becca, Uncle Aaron, Kayla and Caroline got a new beagle puppy, "Waffles." That is about all that has happened in Slater Family this month.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

July - August

In July, Adam and I took our first real vaccation without Morgan. It was very nerve racking but needed. We went to Vagas! Neither one of us have ever been before now. We went for 4 day and that was enough! congrats to our friends JOhn and Laurie who tied the knot down there. These are some picture that we took before we left of morgan and when we got home. She is so big, now. I know that i keep saying how fast kids grow, but it is really true. I can not believe that she is running and picking up so many different words.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer May June July

I can not believe it has taken me all summer to write nothing... Morgan has been such a blast. I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to spend the time with her. Adam and I did get to go on a 4 day vaccation to Vagas for a friend's wedding. We had a great time. Morgan is running and talking alot in her own lanuage, but she is saying a few words like duck, mom, dad, Digit, good girl, cookie, thank you and please. she likes to swim and play in the bathtub. She loves to organize her toys, but she does not really play with them. She dances everytime she hears music. It is really funny she changes her style depending on the music. We do not know where she gets her moves.

Monday, April 19, 2010

April Days


Well, we tried to get a picture with the Easter bunny. Sad to say it turned out the same way that our Santa picture did, screaming! This time we tried everything to get Morgan comfortable with Mr. Bunny. Luckly, there was nobody in line, so the workers allowed us to play and hang out in the room with the bunny. Well, 45 minutes later, and three sets of photos, still not one was of her not screaming... well we tried!

Easter: Sunday.....
We woke up got dressed and ready for church. We were on our way, thinking we were only a little late, turns out we missed half the service (due to the changing of times for Easter). Then we went home and opened our baskets.... Then joined the Harris family at the property. IT was such a preety day... perfect weather... we had a great lunch and great afternoon with family. Adam got to go fishing and caught 2 fish. He was so proud! Morgan rode in the Mule and did a little hiking.... Morgan hates the grass. She likes to walk about three steps in it and then stops! Then she squats and then works up the nerve to touch it. Then the scream! Once that has begun, she will not move! it is funny... She will walk all day if you hold her hand. We also took some family pictures and opened more baskets... Forbes had has his wisdom teeth out so we teased him about the funny things that he said after his operation... " was Bob Marley playing?" or "Did i have my surgery?" poor guy! We got to see Lu, she looks good, but did not talk. She seemed to enjoy being outside! Alex rode a horse! Morgan did too! FIrst time with no lead>>>> VERY SCARED MOMMY!

Well that was our Easter!

We our so BLESSED to have a savior that would die for us!

Friday, March 5, 2010

March firsts

Morgan has been taking steps since Jan 29, 2010. Well, today (March 5, 2010) Morgan decide to become an official walker! She prefers to walk instead of crawl... She stumbles, but get back to her feet and is off again!

This month, Morgan has also gotten 3 new teeth in! So she has a grand total 7 (3 on the bottom and 4 on the top).

Morgan is also talking non-stop! Her teachers told me, she was talking so loudly with her buddy (Kayla) that the teacher next door came over and asked if they could keep it down becuase it was nap time! hahaha (just like her Mom)

Well, she still loves to say DAADDA and she does know who it is! Morgan will carry on a conversation with Adam! THey call each others names out back and forth, it is really cute to watch! Her face just lights up. She says Mama more but will still call me Nana more.

She waves Hi but perfers to wave byebye. She motions to the dogs to come, when I call them. She also puts her hands in the air for "up" to get out of the bath and high chair. One time, I asked her if she was done with dinner and she said "yep" and put her hands up. I did not believe my ears, so i asked again, and the same thing. I almost fell over! She loves to clap and scream! It is really funny she claps when she has pulled all the toys out and them put them away! (it is like she is pleased with herself for cleaning up) She loves to scream and shake her head and waits for Adam or me to scream back. THen the screaming begins. THe other time she screams is when she chases the dog... Yes she chases the dogs, and they are so good and play along. Digit and Pickles kinda run away, then she gets to them and falls on them. THey move and she falls and giggles, gets up and screams and does it again.

she has such a personality....

Birthday Pictures