Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Morgan turing Six Months Old!

I can not believe she is six months old, and then again i can.. It is amazing how she seems to have been apart of our family forever, and it has only been six months. Then I see how big she is and want to cry already... she is growing way to fast...
I was depressed the other day because i had to buy size three diapers for her to sleep in. I also was sad becuase they do not make swaddlers in size three... I am complaining but I really know i am soooosooo blessed!
morgan loves loves to jump it is so funny! we are still almost crawling. She got the legs and thier motion, but does not know how to put it all together. She loves to stand on her toes and do and upside down back bend.... it makes us laugh. she also loves to stand and hangupside down (only Daddy will do this with her).. she is also sitting up but she is not very confident so she props herself up... she can sit great when she has a toy!
Also, she has been blessed with the Slater tounge when she is really focused... it is really funny. I got it in one of these photos!
we have started more baby foods... she loves sweet potatoes and mixed grains with veggies.. she hates green beans and apple sause... it is the funniest face you have ever seen. she thinks that peas are okay... I believe she does not like green beans becuase i ate them at least two - three times a week when i was pregnant. any way... check out some of the photos

Tippy Toes!

Not so sure!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

morgan starts school! month five

Morgan started school on the 10th of August. This was the same day i started! It was crazy. Adam went with me to drop her off. I walked in to get her around 1pm and i could hear her crying,tear my heart out! as soon as i walked in she stopped! they said she had just started... i do not believe that!

The next day, thet said she was a happy baby! they have only said that she is the happiest baby they have seen! Crazy!

My class is wonderful this year.. i expect a few speed bumps in figuring out how to be the wife, the mom and the teacher.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Morgan in Month Five!

Aug. 3-6 Morgan styed with gradma no name while i was at inservice for school... cannot believe it is her already! Thanks mom

I was busy the whole week getting ready for rachel's baby shower for Cooper. i made my first diaper cake! check it out! The themewas baby blue and brown and trucks! Every thing turned out wonderful! Aug. 1, 2009
Morgan cut her first tooth today! July 31, 2009 on Forbes' birthday

Morgan turned five months on the way home from the beach!