Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Morgan in Month SEVEN!!!

Morgan is pulling up on everything... here she is in the crib!

One day on Fall Break, the dogs got out and Morgan and I had to chase them down. However, at the time Morgan had on a diaper and it was cold, so i just put something on her. She looked just precious. THis is bath time one night!
Morgan is a fire ball! She is in constant motion and full of personality! I have had the opportunity to spend a week at home due to fall break, and I did not want to go back to school. I had so much fun! we have been to the doctor for another ear infection and got her flu shot. Adam and I got one too.
SHe has learned to wave BYE_BYE. It is the cutiest thing ever. She also says Dadadada, but she still does not who it is. She is also pulling up on everything in sight... She is unable to be in her crib, until I lower it. She loves to talk.
We have also started Morgan on people food (very little). She has eaten mashed (more like whipped) potatoes, noodles, appple chunks, a little bit of turkey and a little bit of chicken. Noodles are her favorite! I think she got that from me. ALso, Gerber puffs are the best invention ever. They make so happy. When we first started giving them to her she could not ge them off her hand, but now. She uses her bottom teeth to scrap them off her and then she chews with those teeth. It looks a little funny.
I also got her a Halloween costume. Another first holiday: Mothers day and Fathers day and Fourth of July. I can not believe she is this old! She really has two costumes. She is going to be a flower and butterfly/ caterpiller (if she will not wear the wings).
We also had family pictures done and Morgan went ahead and got 9 month pictures made.

Cooper was born.. He is so tiny compared to Morgan. He is healthy and happy to be in the world. Morgan will have a great buddy to play with a little later.
Adam and I left Morgan overnight for the first time and went to Nashville to see the Rebels play.
that is about it for month 7.