Monday, May 25, 2009

Morgan Month Three!

AdaM had his first real father's day... with the baby acctually here. last year, we annouced wewere having Morgan on Father's day.
Funny stories.. We told Daddy Mark with a granddaddy cup and a money lovie blanket and we tolg Granpa with a chalkboard picture frame. Daddy Mark opened it and asked if i was trying to tell him something... he did not get it... well eventually he did. Grandma no name said "mark" and looked at me in shock!
Grandpa opened it and read the frame and said "number 6 is on the way"... he did not get it either..well granna screammed (she got it)! Morgan was Number 6 until Julie found out she was expecting a couple of weeks later and had an earlier due date, and Annabeth did arrive one day before Morgan ( so we lost our Number 6 spot). well, Morgan is number 1 on the other side!

6-19-09 - 6-21-09 We went to the lake with family and friends. It was so HOT! WE only went out on the boat once, but we did get to swim in the lake this time, and the weather was pretty. We had a blast, great company!

6-18-09 Morgan rolled over ( a complete 360) from her back to her belly and then to her back.
Today, we also saw my Great Grandma Lu.

Morgan weighs 14 lbs according to my scale. baby girl getting so big!

6-12-09 and 6-13-09 We have been swimming a lot lately check us out at our cousin's new pool and Grandma's pool.

Morgan is getting to wear some vintage clothing... look for it in these pictures... these are some of my old clothing.

6-6-09Morgan had her first BELLY LAUGH! Hahahaha!
I was holding her above my head and she had her lips on my forehead. Then I would blow and make that funny noise with my mouth and she would laugh! ahahah. It was great~

Morgan's Book is finally out! check it out online at:
She is on pages: 1, 17, 55 65, twice on 77, and 87!

Random photos!

Nap time!

I am not burned! I am in my red lady bug float! I had a blast kicking my legs and when Mommy bounced up in down with me in her arms!
Swimming for the first time! 5-31-09
I Turned 3 months on Memorial Day! Ridding home from the lake!

Lunch with my cousins and Aunt at Boyaas

Friday, May 1, 2009

Watch me Grow!!

11 months

10 months... Christmas eve Morgan had an ornament in hand!sleepy girl!

8 months! check out my halloween outfit!
9months Happy Turkey Day!

7 months !!! thumbs up yall!

6months old!

look how much she moves around!

Five months old! july 25, 2009

4 months old! Mommy Can not believe it!

June 25, 2009

May 25, 2009:3 months old

THis is Morgan on April 25, 2009 and April 29, 2009: 2 Months Old

THis is Morgan on March 25, 2009 : 1 Month old

Morgan in Month Two

Memorial Day Weekend May 22-25! We went to Daddy Mark's and grandma (noname)'s lake house and had a blast, even though in rained! I got to wear one of my bathingsuits for the first time, but never got in the water! I also rode the boat twice, but i had to sit really close to Mommy! She said she felt like she was pregnant again! I also hung out with my cousin and aunt (Alex and Frances) and my aunt and uncle (lizzy and forbes) and a few of their friends. I began to take naps, longer than 20 minutes by myself! I also played catch phrase,but my team never won.

The cute puppies! Morgan in herbumbo for the first time!! She looks alot smaller in it in person!

MothersDay may10 Family photos!

Morgan and her daddy and with her Aunt Becca and cousins Kayla and Caroline. At a friends birthday party!

Babies day out! Check out Morgan and her Cousin playing on the floor!

Today we went to my Uncle Forbes Confirmation atHoly Apostle. Then to Grandma and Grandpa's house to celebrate with family and friends.

Today wewent to Maddox's Baptism and cookout!

May 1, 2009 : morgan is taking abottle! She took a passy and fell asleep with it! maybe this will stick too!
Today, we finally got out ofthe house... we have been cooped up due to the swine flu (scaaaarrryy)we just went to Granna's and hung out with the cousins!! take a peek!

April 30, 2009 : Morgan got on her TUTU and Mom took pictures! She is way tooo cute! My camera is filled with pictures

Ohh also today Morgan found the rattle and actually rattled it.. I really just think her hand got stuck but ohh well it is documented! SEE!