Friday, March 5, 2010

March firsts

Morgan has been taking steps since Jan 29, 2010. Well, today (March 5, 2010) Morgan decide to become an official walker! She prefers to walk instead of crawl... She stumbles, but get back to her feet and is off again!

This month, Morgan has also gotten 3 new teeth in! So she has a grand total 7 (3 on the bottom and 4 on the top).

Morgan is also talking non-stop! Her teachers told me, she was talking so loudly with her buddy (Kayla) that the teacher next door came over and asked if they could keep it down becuase it was nap time! hahaha (just like her Mom)

Well, she still loves to say DAADDA and she does know who it is! Morgan will carry on a conversation with Adam! THey call each others names out back and forth, it is really cute to watch! Her face just lights up. She says Mama more but will still call me Nana more.

She waves Hi but perfers to wave byebye. She motions to the dogs to come, when I call them. She also puts her hands in the air for "up" to get out of the bath and high chair. One time, I asked her if she was done with dinner and she said "yep" and put her hands up. I did not believe my ears, so i asked again, and the same thing. I almost fell over! She loves to clap and scream! It is really funny she claps when she has pulled all the toys out and them put them away! (it is like she is pleased with herself for cleaning up) She loves to scream and shake her head and waits for Adam or me to scream back. THen the screaming begins. THe other time she screams is when she chases the dog... Yes she chases the dogs, and they are so good and play along. Digit and Pickles kinda run away, then she gets to them and falls on them. THey move and she falls and giggles, gets up and screams and does it again.

she has such a personality....

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