Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September has come and Gone!

Well, It is almost fall, and it has taken me over a month to get back on and update the blog. However, a ton has happened. We have started going to the Ole Miss football games, Morgan has not come this year, yet. Ole Miss started off with several losses at home. So, we are still fans, just not as outspoken this year. We still have faith that the season might turn around. Morgan has gone back to school and still believes that she is the superstar of the place. She only has two other children in her class. Morgan no longer has a passy durning the day, only at night. She is running full speed and not stopping until it is bed time. Morgan will talk to you and over you if you try to have a conversation with her. Morgan has gone to the big girl potty 4 times at home (tete) and 1 (other), and she has gone at school 2 times. Yeah! we are so proud of her! Morgan is saying the dreaded "NO" to everything. However, it is really cute how she says it. She still says "all gone" when she is finished her food. She says "MaMa" and "DaDa," "Grana," "cheese,""Jesus," "dog,""duck,""Nana(passy),""key,(monkey),"car,""more,""thankyou,""bow,""eyes""up,"and "GO". Morgan knows all the sounds of a dog, monkey, duck, and a horse. Morgan loves spegetti, mac-n-cheese, turkey (from the deli), fruit, fruit snacks, granola bars, fruitloops, cherios, popsicks, ice cream, chicken nuggets (sometimes), and french-fries. French Fries are new for her this month, she has just decided they are wonderful, with lots of ketchup. Morgan loves to dip her food in anything and only eat the sauce. We took a family trip to the Germantown Festival and ate some of the fair favorites, Morgan got to try some too. Morgan ate all of Moomy's funnel cake that she had wanted all day. However, she was enjoying it so much, I really did not mind. Morgan knows most of her bdy parts. Eyes are still her favorite. However, sticking out her tounge is alot of fun for her. Morgan has also started to fold her hands at night when I pray. She also answers that "jesus" will protect her. One time she did say "DaDa"and then "Jesus" and giggled when I asked her. It was so precious! She also will point to her heart when I ask her "where is Jesus?". Then we will tell Jesus thankyou after our prayers. She also tries to say loveyou, but it comes out different everytime. Aunt Lizzy took a job this month and will be moving TEXAS.... I am going to miss my babysitter, and Morgan is going to dearly miss her aunt. Forbes is in Arkansas, playing football with the big boys. He has not played in a game, yet; however, we know he will be soon. He joined a Frat, but I do not know which one. Aunt Becca, Uncle Aaron, Kayla and Caroline got a new beagle puppy, "Waffles." That is about all that has happened in Slater Family this month.

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