Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Morgan's First two Months

Tummy Time!!! April 23rd almost 2 months old!

Perfect like Daddy!

April 19th A Rainy Day

Look i found my hands! Apil 4th ..... I am so smart!

Mom and Me making you smile!

Daddy's Blue eyed girl!

Some of mom's Favorites

My Favorite Bath Time!

The photo shoot did not go to my head! ( i am a superstar!!!!)

April 3, 2009: MORGAN is a Model! Her first photo shoot! THis photo shoot was for Baptist Hospital and I could not be Morgan's Mom for the cover shot bc (i did not cross all demographics)

Spring Break Vists(mid March)

Morgan's first trip to the Park

Morgan's first babys day out (2weeks)
and her first snow (4days old)

March 1oth Morgan's First Walk

March 8,2009 :Day 11 Morgan got anew belly button

First Sponge Bath Feb. 28, 2009

Staaay Tuned!

Morgan's Doctor Visits

6 month check up!crazzyyy!

my head is 43.25 cm

my weight is 15.12

my height is 26 in

4 month check up

My headand weight are in the 50 percentile and my height is in the 75 percentile!

my head is 41cm

my weight is 13.14

my height is 25 inches long

i got shots again. the same ones as last time!

I also get to start rice ceral!

April 27, 2009 : 2 month check up (shot time)

Growth check up

I weigh 11.4 (mom calls me her little chuck now)

I am almost 23 inches long!

My head is 39cm (that is 19 cm bigger than when i was born)

Shots: one in the left leg and two in the right leg, then a medicine drink.. ouch and uhh gross!

Good News is that i am vaccinated! no whooping cough or polo for me!

March 2, 2009 : First Doctor's vist
1 week appointment

-Morgan weighs 7 lbs. and 1 ounce
- length : 20 inches

March 9, 2009: unexpected Doctor's visit

-gooky right eye
-My first experience as a parnoid parent!
-Treatment : eye ointment : same thing they put on babies in the hospital
-Weight: 7 lbs. 4 ounces

March 16, 2009
3 week appointment

-weight: 8lbs. 2 ounces
-length: 20 inches
-gaining weight!!!
- she has been crying alot and wants to eat all the time...
doctor suggests mix formula with breast milk

-My feelings: I am not feed my baby...ahhh

- Really it was just a growing spurt...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Morgan's Delivery

Morgan arrived Feb. 25 at exactly 1pm. She was 7 lbs 2 ounces and 20 inches long.
Hospital Stories and Fun Facts

- the clock was broken or stuck at 1:00 (the exact time Morgan arrived)
-I waited an hour and half to get my epidural.... should have gotten it earlier.

- Dr. Bishop broke my water twice!

-Mike brought me cheesecake... my favorite from macaroni grill (along with a meal) then the other Slater clan at the hospital decided they wanted macaronis so Mike went back to get them food and his credit card was denied.....

-I arrived at the hospial at 530 am and was taken back to the room at 600 am . The drip began at 7:00 and my water was broken at 7:35 am. I do not remember what time i got my epidural, but I only had it for 45 minutes before it was time to push.. In all i was in labor for 5 hours.
- my sister in law said that when i left the hospital, i would say that i could do it again... and i did.

- Morgan's cousin was born the day before on the 24...

- all of the other Slater's family vistors visted us as well.
-My mom (jane) went to the other Slater's room first.

-During my time at the hospital, not only was my sister in law delivering, but down the hall there was a Slatar delivering... Those poor nurses.

-Dr. Bishop said right before Morgan came out "so we are having a boy"... Adam freaked out...
- When i was moved to recovery, they had to put us on different hall so the nurses would not get confused with medications due to having two Slaters.
- In the Nursury, Morgan was placed next to 11 pound baby... Adam asked how old the baby was.

-Morgan passed her hearing test...

-Rachel told us ... Morgan would have a friend in 8 months.

-I did not get to put Morgan in her outfit that i had planned to take her home in bc it was way tooo big.

-I was terrified about putting Morgan in the car seat correctly.

-Morgan was born with hair... her mommy was thrilled!!!